At Paradise Kiss, Yukari has discovered a world outside her prep school walls. She becomes more and more involved with the group as George’s design for the Yaza Arts fashion show takes shape. Yukari is starting to discover her beauty, but she still can’t quite believe that the magnetic George is interested in her. George bewilders Yukari- he’s tender one moment and cold the next. Yet his cruelty has a purpose; he’s trying to prod her out of her passivity and make her decide what she really wants. Meanwhile, Yukari’s extra-curricular activities begin to cause tension at home. Her mother will not tolerate anything that distracts Yukari from school, especially when it’s something as frivolous as fashion. Is Yukari just experimenting with rebellion, or will she really choose to make modeling her path? Ai Yazawa continues to reveal her characters’ many layers as she explores the importance of family (for better or for worse): glimpses of George’s disfunctional parents add insight to his mercurial character, and Yukari’s relationship with her mother reaches a breaking point that may change her life.

Paradise Kiss Volume 2
ISBN: 1931514615
by Ai Yazawa
Tokyopop, 2002

  • Jennifer Webb

    Past Reviewer

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