Our heroine is Miki, a loud, incredibly strong girl who works for her mother in the family noodle shop. Unfortunately, Miki has a tendency to get massively distracted while on the job. Deliveries go undelivered and customers are bullied out of the shop or scared away by Miki’s displays of temper. And believe me, she has a temper. As someone strong enough to throw grown men, Miki is a force to be reckoned with. All in all, she is not doing the best job working for her mother and getting the noodles to the customers.

Overall, the idea behind Noodle Fighter Miki is incredibly fun. Miki is loud, brash, mildly crazy, and quite amusing. However, the story itself moves at a breakneck speed from scene to scene with little to no time spent on setting up a story line or even developing an individual scene. In the first manga alone there are eleven separate stories. Most mangas I’ve encountered have between two and four!

After trying to read and understand four or five stories, I was pretty exhausted. I found the stories far too short and, as a result, very confusing. If the writer had taken more time with them, Miki could have been quite enjoyable, but the writer didn’t and ultimately, one large headache later, I recommend that you pass.

Noodle Fighter Miki, vol. 1
ISBN: 1413902405
by Jun Sadogawa
ADV Manga 2005

  • Katie Morrissey

    Past Reviewer

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