The hardest part of turning over a new leaf is the part where you actually have to change old patterns of behavior. Oliver Queen is rediscovering the fun in taking on fat cat corporations, this time in the form of Elevast. Elevast is trying to build a mall in the middle of a low income neighborhood, evicting tenants and abusing the labor supply in the process. Green Arrow is worried about the monsters that have started to turn up at the construction site, and the hit man that the Board of Directors have hired to eliminate the monster problem, and tangentially anyone who might be getting to close to what’s really going on which is to say Green Arrow I and II. The part that’s really confusing him though, is the part where Mia won’t talk to him and Conner is pissed off at him because he had a one night stand with a pretty lawyer lady. The Oliver Queen and Green Arrow parts of his life are easy to slip back into, it’s the new things like being a father and being part of a family that are hard to learn.

Green Arrow, vol. 3: Straight Shooter
ISBN: 1401202004
By Judd Winnick
Art by Phil Hester, Andre Parks, Guy Major, Sean Knot
DC Comics 2004

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