Following Oliver Queen’s miraculous return to life (detailed in Green Arrow, vol. 1: Quiver) Kevin Smith returns to writing Green Arrow. In this volume both Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are trying to pick up the pieces of their life and finding it not quite as they had left it. For Green Arrow the villains have become more aggressive and better armed. Meanwhile Oliver Queen is dealing with a grown up side-kick (formerly Speedy, now Arsenal), a son he never knew he had (Green Arrow II/Conner Hawke), a loverĀ  he would like to reconcile with (Black Canary), and a street urchin he rescued who wants to be his new Speedy (Mia). Kevin Smith writes with his usual deft and funny touch about the ways in which Green Arrow succeeds and fails and occasionally just doesn’t get it at all. Phil Hester draws with an elegant economy. He captures both the physicality of a superhero, particularly one without superpowers, as well as the emotion of the man behind the mask.

Green Arrow, vol. 2: Sounds of Violence
ISBN: 9781401200459
By Kevin Smith
Art by Phil Hester
DC Comics 2003

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