Ted Naifeh’s excellent series continues to grow and deepen in Courtney Crumrin and the Twilight Kingdom. When the story opens, Courtney is still experiencing fallout from the dramatic events of Coven of Mystics. Uncle Aloysius has withdrawn even further from the community, and Courtney’s magical activities have drawn some unwanted attention. On top of all that, Courtney finds herself attending Saturday school with the children of other witches and warlocks to learn coven history from Miss Crisp. As might be expected, Courtney finds it no easier to fit in here than anywhere else. Worse, she sees a little too much of herself in the class’s arrogant and charismatic social leader. Yet Courtney can’t just turn her backs on these classmates; when they fail to heed her warnings and turn one of their number into a demon by mistake, Courtney must lead them into the forbidden Twilight Kingdom to reverse the spell. Can she protect them from the forest’s dangers? Naifeh’s tale grows more powerful with each volume, and Twilight Kingdom has moments of pure heartbreak. It also has moments of happiness, as Courtney finally begins to make peace with the human beings in her life.

Courtney Crumrin and the Twilight Kingdom (vol. 3)
ISBN: 9781932664010
by Ted Naifeh
Oni Press, 2004

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