In a world of people blind to everything but the present, high schooler Kanade is blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see the future. When she touches someone, she “sees” what will happen to them–an ability that gets her into trouble, in the style of That’s So Raven, when she tries to protect people from their futures. Schoolmate Arou has the opposite power; his ability to see peoples’ past has made him wary of meddling in others’ lives. Despite their differences, the two find solace in each other as they try to understand the right way to use their gifts. In most respects, Land of the Blindfolded is a typical shojo story–a cute, innocent heroine with supernatural abilities meets a slightly brooding hottie who can’t resist her naive charm. As if Arou weren’t romantic enough, there’s also (of course) a rival for Kanade’s affections in the form of Namiki, another boy who can see the future and isn’t above using his power for personal gain.┬áTsukuba breaks no new ground, but Land of the Blindfolded offers an appealing cast of characters who behave more like real people than you might expect as they explore the familiar joys and pains of high school friendships and romances.

Land of the Blindfolded volume 1
by Sakura Tsukuba
ISBN: 1401205240
DC Comics/CMX, 2004

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