Chuck Dixon is one with his inner Dick Grayson. This is a good thing, because the original Boy Wonder leaps off the page at you. He is a real, engaging and endearing character. He takes the bad guys down with a well-placed kick and a bad pun, and he makes Batman smile. I’m not sure which is the more impressive feat. This is the story of Robin’s first mission with Batman, the first time that he flies solo, and his first encounter with the big bads of the Batverse. His encounter with Two Face will haunt him for the rest of his life, and will force him to prove both to himself and to Batman that this life choice is not only something that he is capable of, but one that he wants. The artwork captures the feel of the old comics without looking dated. The clean lines and relatively spare color palette suit the story being told.

Robin: Year One
ISBN: 9781563898051
By Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Art by Javier Pulido, Marcos Martin
DC Comics 2002

  • Petra Beunderman

    Past Reviewer

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