A British media mogul is being blackmailed by the French government for media contract rights. The French have set up a honey trap using his daughter, Rachel, as bait. They have compromising video footage of her with a man they hired to seduce her. Tara is chosen to go to Paris because she used to know Rachel at school. In some ways it is an opportune time for Tara to be out of London, since she just broke up with Ed and things are a little tense between them at work. In other ways, this is an intensely personal case for Tara because Ed fell in love with her but she was just looking to not be alone for a little while, and her guilt over that is affecting how she deals with Rachel and her paid seducer. This is a less action packed volume of Queen and Country. There is more of a focus on introspection, and who the characters are on their off time, and perhaps most importantly on who they aren’t. J. Alexander’s black and white line drawings in this volume are exquisite. He pays a lot of attention to the shades of expression, and to what is not being said out loud by the characters. Tara particularly is not a character who is particularly verbally expressive, and J. Alexander had made her body language and her face speak for her.

Queen and Country, vol. 4: Operation: Blackwall
Available in: Queen and Country, Definitive Edition, vol. 2
ISBN: 9781932664898
By Greg Rucka
Art by Jason Alexander
Oni Press 2008

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