This is the third volume of Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country series. Again drawing from current events, Rucka explores the threat of terrorist groups and the fear of biological weapons. When an Egyptian with potential links to a terrorist group walks into the British Embassy and announces that he has information of interest Tara Chace is dispatched to verify his claims. What ensues is a part spy-part detective story while Chace and her colleagues try to authenticate the information and find a biological weapons plant hidden in the Sudan. Rucka also explores another side of Chace’s personality through her evolving relationship with Ed Kittering (Minder 3). The strength of this series rests not only in Rucka’s understanding of the complexities of international politics, and tension between those who are on the front line of the war on terrorism and those in the government who direct their actions, but also in the deft development of characters over time. Leandro Fernández is a relatively new artist, and this is an impressive debut. His Chace is a little sexier than previously, but fortunately that doesn’t mean that she has lost any of her edge or her attitude.

Queen and Country: Operation: Crystal Ball

Queen and Country, vol. 3: Operation: Crystal Ball
Available in: Queen and Country, Definitive Edition, vol. 1
ISBN: 9781932664874
By Greg Rucka
Art by Leandro Fernandez
Oni Press 2008

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