This is the second in the series of Queen and Country graphic novels written by Greg Rucka. When the Taliban arrests foreign journalists in Afghanistan on the suspicion that some of them might be passing information to British intelligence, SIS has to react. Tara Chace is outraged at the Taliban’s treatment of women, and is furious that she is not chosen for this mission, despite the obvious truth that in Taliban controlled Afghanistan she will not have the freedom of movement she needs to get the job done. While she is coping with the frustration of being left behind on a mission she feels a personal connection to, she is also forced to deal with the aftermath of events from the previous volume and her feelings of fear and vulnerability. In this volume Rucka again demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the current events shaping today’s world. He also acknowledges that actions have long term consequences. Chace does not emerge from her experiences in the previous volume unmarked, her actions then continue to affect her decisions now.

Queen and Country, vol. 2: Operation: Morning Star
Available in: Queen and Country, Definitive Edition, vol. 1
ISBN: 9781932664874
By Greg Rucka
Art by Brian Hurtt, Christine Norrie, Bryan Lee O’Malley
Oni Press 2008

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