Warren Ellis has a penchant for creating kick-ass female leaders. Miranda Zero of the Global Frequency is the most recent addition to the ranks of strong women to emerge from Warren Ellis’ fertile and strange imagination (see also – Jenny Sparks from The Authority and Jakita Wagner of Planetary). Ms. Zero is the somewhat mysterious leader of the civilian organization known as the Global Frequency. There are 1001 members of the Global Frequency, scattered across both disciplines and the globe. When a situation arises she calls on them to respond depending on their proximity, expertise and the degree of desperation. Efforts are coordinated through the punk wild child Aleph, the nexus point for the Global Frequency. They are the self-appointed defenders of the world, and their ranks are made up of those whom the system has betrayed. In this first volume they stop a black hole from opening in San Francisco, disarm a bioweapon before it can detonate, and neutralize a new age geek cult before they can suicide taking innocents along with them. Each story is illustrated by a different artist, which makes the artwork on this volume inconsistent. Some of it I loved, like Jon J. Muth’s work on ‘Big Sky’ showcasing gorgeous colors and a beautiful simplicity of line, and some of it I didn’t care for much. Like most of Warren Ellis’ work this is not for the faint of heart, or for younger readers – although in this case that’s more because of blood, guts and gore, than for language or content. I’m curious to see where he is going to go with this series, and what kind of social commentary he is going to make.

Global Frequency, vol. 1: Planet Ablaze
ISBN: 9781401202743
By Warren Ellis
Art by Garry Leach, Glen Fabry, Steve Dillon, Roy Martinez, Jon J Muth, David Lloyd, David Baron
DC Comics/Wildstorm 2004

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