In a place where there are no external sources to measure yourself against, you have to rely on your own sense of what is right. Where do you draw the lines, and if you cross those lines do you destroy what you are trying to rebuild? Commissioner Gordon isn’t the only one asking those questions. Huntress is playing at being Batgirl, and Batman is letting her despite their past ethical differences. Batman is trying to relearn his city, because the Gotham that is now is not the same Gotham that he vowed to protect. Sometimes you can’t play by the same rules. Commissioner Gordon is making deals with the devil to try and preserve a little bit more of his city. Everyone is struggling to remember who they are and how to adapt to the new Gotham without compromising themselves.

Batman: No Man’s Land, vol. 2
ISBN: 9781563895999
By Greg Rucka, Ian Edgington, Lisa Klink, Bob Gale, Dennis O’Neil
Art by D’Israeli, Frank Teran, Mike Deodato, Jason Pearson, Guy Davis, Phil Winslade, Chris Renaud
DC Comics 2000

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