Batgirl reminding Oracle of Batman is probably not a ringing endorsement for the state of Batgirl’s mental health. On the other hand, Batman is in awe of her fighting skills and she looks really good in a batsuit. Cassandra Cain, daughter of renowned/infamous assassin David Cain first appeared in the “No Man’s Land” series. Cain raised her to be a killer. Deprived of speech, she relies solely on body language to communicate. It makes her a frighteningly efficient warrior, but she has turned her back on her father’s training and with Oracle’s blessing she has become the new Batgirl. Scott has managed to capture Cassandra’s reliance on the unspoken. He uses her body language to convey what she is feeling, and even behind the mask her facial expressions are evocative. In this story Batgirl is coming to terms with who she was raised to be, and who she wants to become. The question, however, is whether Batman can allow her remain with his team as he reluctantly discovers more about her past.

Batgirl, vol. 1: Silent Running
ISBN: 1563897059
By Scott Peterson, Kelley Puckett
Art by Damion Scott
DC Comics, 2001

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