I am not as impressed by this volume as I have been by the previous three. The artwork remains excellent and a large part of why I love this series so much, but the story was disjointed. There was no story arc in this volume, instead it was comprised of a series of unrelated vignettes which never seemed to add up to anything. Coming from a series which has been so strong, and so interesting in terms of character development and what it means to be a part of the Bat-family, this was disappointing. I wanted more of each story line, particularly Batgirl’s confrontation with the Joker. I would still recommend it, and if you are building a collection I definitely suggest that you buy it. This series is strong, and I think in the future it will return to its earlier quality (looking at the current issues of Batgirl and Poison Ivy I can’t wait for the next trade paperback).

Batgirl, vol. 4: Fists of Fury
ISBN: 9781401202057
By Kelley Puckett, Scott Peterson
Art by Damion Scott, Vincent Giarrano, Phil Noto
DC Comics, 2004

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