Planetary agents are archeologists of the planet’s secret history. In this first volume in a series by Warren Ellis (also known for The Authority, Stormwatch and Transmetropolitan) the reader is introduced to field team–Jakita Wagner, the team leader; Mr. Snow, born in 1900; and The Drummer (first name “The” second name “Drummer”) who communicates with machines and emits his own signal jamming field–and Planetary, the mysterious and very well funded agency that they represent. The origins of Planetary seem innocuous at first. The trio investigates instances of the unexplained, the supernatural and the unusual, such as the skeletal remains of enormous sci-fi moviesque beasts on an icy island between Japan and Russia; or the implications of an underground laboratory with no visible entrance guarded by a man who should have died 50 years earlier. However, as Mr. Snow, the most recent member of Planetary, becomes more comfortable in his new job, he becomes more suspicious about the origins and purposes of the organization he works for.

Planetary, vol. 1: All Over the World and Other Stories
ISBN: 9781563896484
By Warren Ellis
Art by John Cassaday
DC Comics/Wildstorm 2000

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