Nightwing has settled into life in Blüdhaven. He’s got a job, a place to live, and even a new secret lair. Life, for Blüdhaven, seems to be running on a pretty even keel. In retrospect, this should probably have been the first sign that things were going to go crazy. Following some radical emergency surgery that saved his life, but left his head on literally backward, Soames is back. He’s going by the name Torque now and has a serious grudge against Nightwing. Also, there seems to be someone else in Blüdhaven going by the name of Nite Wing, who the real Nightwing has to rescue when the wrong people decide that this is a good opportunity to rid themselves of Blüdhaven’s new masked wonder. This volume also contains one of my favorite conversations between Nightwing and Robin about Nightwing’s disastrous love life, the weirdness of Batman and on what its like to be Robin.

Nightwing, vol. 3: Love and Bullets
ISBN: 1563897032
By Chuck Dixon
Art by Scott McDaniel
DC Comics 2001

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