This is the sixth volume in the Nightwing series, and rumor has it the last one DC is planning on releasing in trade paperback form (rumor being the ever helpful guys at my local comic store). Just because Blockbuster is out of commission for the time being, and Soames has gone underground, doesn’t mean that Nightwing can relax and rest on his laurels. Nite-Wing is back. Nightwing just got his ass kicked by a woman dressed entirely in super strong, experimental red microfibers. There’s a woman in a mask and black leather body suit tattooing mysterious numbers on to her victims. And last, but not least, Dick Grayson has just become the newest member of the Bludhaven PD, but new partner doesn’t think he’s going to make it beyond being a rookie. The artwork here is a perfect compliment to the story. It manages to show what is not an explicit part of the written story  the intersection of Dick Grayson’s multiple lives–as Nightwing, as police rookie, and a friend and neighbor–and how completely they are intertwined.

Nightwing, vol. 6: Big Guns
ISBN: 1401201865
By Chuck Dixon
Art by Greg Land, Patrick Zircher, Manuel Gutierrez, Mike Collins, Josè Marzán, Jr., Drew Geraci, John Stanisci, Sean Parsons, Steve Bird, Wayne Faucher
DC Comics, 2004

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