Dick has come to the conclusion that cleaning up Bl├╝dhaven can’t just be a nightjob. In order to really have an impact on the system he needs to work at it from the inside, so he enrolls in the police academy. There his biggest problem isn’t making it through basic training, it’s trying to look like he’s at least struggling a little bit. That act gets easier when a pair of agile, unethical sisters go on a crime spree in Bl├╝dhaven. Then Batman comes to him asking for a favor, which leads Nightwing to sneaking into Blackgate prison, where Gotham’s most violent criminals are housed. Batman thinks that the management of Blackgate are setting up their own superhuman army on Gotham’s doorstep. Needless to say neither the management nor the inmates are all that happy to see Nightwing (especially not the inmates many of whom were put in Blackgate by Nightwing).

Nightwing, vol. 4: A Darker Shade of Justice
ISBN: 1563896133
By Chuck Dixon
Art by Scott McDaniel
DC Comics 2000

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