This is the second volume that Gaiman wrote about Dream’s older sister, Death. Unlike Death: The High Cost of Living this book isn’t so much about Death as it is about death and the choices we make while we’re alive. Gaiman brings back the characters of Hazel and Foxglove from the Sandman series. Since we last saw them Foxglove has become a famous singer, while Hazel stays home to look after their son Charlie. When Charlie has an accident Hazel makes a deal with Death to take her in his place, but asks for time to say goodbye to Foxglove who is away on tour. This isn’t as upbeat a book as Death: The High Cost of Living. It’s more thoughtful, and a little more melancholy. They’re both good in very different ways, and show different aspects of Death’s character. I love Death in Death: The High Cost of Living, but this book affected me more and had a greater emotional impact.

Death: The Time of Your Life
ISBN: 1563893339
By Neil Gaiman
Art by Chris Bachalo, Mark Pennington, Mark Buckingham
DC Comics/Vertigo 1997

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