This is an origin story for Huntress, which is intriguing simply for providing background to the world of Gotham. When a member of the Panessa family, one of Gotham’s premiere mob families, is killed on the streets of Gotham with one of the Huntress’ trademark crossbow bolts the press and Batman assume her guilt. What the press and the Panessa family don’t know is that the Huntress is also Helena Bertinelli, only surviving member of the former reigning mob family of Gotham. Through a series of flashbacks Greg Rucka explores the events that led to Helena Bertinelli’s orphaned state and how and why she becomes the Huntress. The Huntress, like Catwoman, is an interesting counterpoint to Batman. She’s a costumed vigilante, but as the events of the book show, her ethics don’t always fall in line with Batman’s.

Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood
ISBN: 1563898012
By Greg Rucka
Art by Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty
DC Comics 2002

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