Jane Smith Fisher is a woman with a mission. Her object: a really good comic for all ages. I’m full of admiration for Fisher, who spent the last six years finding creative ways to put her comics in readers’ hands. Now you can pick up WJHC the book, a fast-paced, snappy teen comedy with endearing characters and a clever voice. Janey Wells is a never-say-die kind of girl, and she’s determined to get a student-run radio station up and running at Jackson Hill High. With some help from best friend Ciel, arch-nemesis Tara (who’s got the bucks), and cool-cat DJ The Skate, Janey will stop at nothing to save her school from piped-in muzak (I love the Skate. I love that his name is the Skate. He’s the bomb.). Kirsten Petersen’s lively art conveys a lot of character with an economy of line, and it’s a good match for Fisher’s sweet and funny writing. WJHC is a worthy addition to the small but growing field of comics with tween appeal, from the classic Archie to Go Girl! and Alison Dare.

WJHC: On the Air!
ISBN: 0974423505
By Jane Smith Fisher
Art by Kirsten Petersen, Phil Avelli Jr., and Adam Dekraker
Wilson Place Comics 2003

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