This is not a children’s comic. Yes, the characters are toys. Yes, the book has a wholesome, old-fashioned look to it, but don’t be fooled. This is one twisted little volume. Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey defies classification; while its misbehaving, insanely literate characters and unexpected creepiness have won it a loyal following of adult fans, I know there are teens out there who will take this book to heart. Sock Monkey is like Beatrix Potter on absinthe: our hero, a “mischievous ape,” his friend and straight man Mr. Crow, and a large cast of toys, animals, and more exotic creatures find adventure both in and out of the house. Whether trying to reach “a castle hanging in the clouds” (the chandelier) or return a shrunken head to its native land, Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow are sure to find trouble (or cause it). This reviewer admits that Sock Monkey isn’t for every library, but she highly recommends it to people with big vocabularies and a taste for elegant mayhem.

The Adventures of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey
ISBN: 1569714908
By Tony Millionaire
Dark Horse Comics 2000

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