I was not enthralled with this volume. Then again, I didn’t have to wait seven years and think that there was never going to be anymore Sandman. I came late to Sandman, as in last month, and I knew that when I finished The Wake there was another volume waiting for me. Its hard to top The Kindly Ones and The Wake. That said, this is an interesting collection of seven stories, one for each of the Endless. And, if you’re hungry for more Sandman after The Wake this is definitely worth reading, but it is not part of the meta-narrative of the previous volumes.

“Death and Venice” is the story of an island of people who try to cheat Death, but Death is patient and has all the time in the world.

“What I’ve Tasted of Desire” is the story of a woman who got all the she wanted from Desire, and then had to live with the loss. As a comment, I wouldn’t read this on the bus to work. It’s both racy and explicit.

“The Heart of a Star” is the story of the only mortal woman Dream ever loved.

“Fifteen Portraits of Despair” is, well, fifteen portraits of despair.

“Going Inside” is about surviving going inside Delirium’s fractured mind and putting her back together again.

“On the Peninsula” is about Destruction. Even through he left his family and his obligations over four centuries ago, sometimes you can’t escape who you are, or who you were.

“Endless Nights” is an interesting insight into Destiny’s psyche, perhaps the hardest to connect to of any of the Endless.

Sandman: Endless Nights
ISBN: 1401200893
By Neil Gaiman
Art by Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkieicz, Barron Storey
DC Comics/Vertigo 2003

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