Selina Kyle is about to come back from the dead, but she needs some money first. Much as she hates returning to Gotham, one last “big score” will help her start a new life. When “working girl” Chantal comes along with information about a train-load of dirty Mafia money, Selina sees a chance to help a girl like her former self escape a life of exploitation. To pull off this heist, Selina will have to confront her past in more ways than one. She’ll need some friends in Gotham. Above all she’ll need master-thief Stark, the man who took her off the streets and gave her the skills she would later use as Catwoman. There’s just one problem: the last time Selina saw Stark, she betrayed him. Will he trust her again?

Selina’s Big Score overlaps in time with The Dark End of the Street, weaving in Selina’s encounters with private detective Slam Bradley. We learn what happens between their first meeting and the return of the new Catwoman. It’s a nail-biting crime story with an explosive ending; Selina might steal herself a new life, but not without paying a horrible price. The subject matter is pretty adult, but the presentation is impeccably tasteful. Crime and noir fans will love this critically acclaimed graphic novel, and Catwoman fans will love seeing Selina in action without her mask. I’ve already enthused about Darwyn Cooke’Õs gorgeous art in The Dark End of the Street, and his writing is a worthy partner for his elegant style. What really stands out in Selina’s Big Score is Matt Hollingsworth’s color; the pages are awash with bright, bold hues that glow against Cooke’s dramatic shadows.

Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score
ISBN: 1563898977
by Darwyn Cooke
Color by Matt Hollingsworth
DC Comics 2002

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