I’ll admit it: up until recently, I knew nothing about manga. In my ignorance, I assumed it was all cute little creatures and cartoon-style battles. Then I read CLAMP’s amazing series, Clover, and my eyes were opened. Mars is another title that should win manga new readers. This comic has it all: well-drawn teenage characters, good dialogue, and a love story that packs an emotional punch. Anyone who loves teen romance will be glued to this tale of a reckless “bad boy” and the shy, talented young girl who attracts his attention. Motorcycle racer Rei’s rebellious attitude and good looks make him a girl-magnet. Kira is a gifted young artist, but her fear and awkwardness make her a target for bullies. After seeing Kira’s beautiful, Klimt-like drawings, Rei offers himself as a model–and a protector. As their friendship grows, Kira discovers a hidden sensitivity in Rei. Both are powerfully drawn to one another, but can love blossom between such an unlikely pair? Meanwhile, a jealous classmate threatens to rob Kira of her dreams–maybe even her life!

Mars, vol. 1
ISBN: 1931514585
By Fuyumi Soryo
Tokyopop 2002

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