Children’s fantasy is full of talking creatures: animals, insects, even trees! So isn’t it time vegetables had their say? In Magic Pickle, Scott Morse reveals a shocking secret: a bunch of produce has, er, gone bad and is planning to terrorize the nation. Luckily, we have a hero on our side. Code-named “Weapon Kosher,” the Magic Pickle was created by Doctor Jekyll Formaldehyde to protect mankind from “villainous vegetables” like the Phantom Carrot, the Romaine Gladiator, and the fiery Chili Chili Bang Bang. Things get complicated when our hero (who’s been in a jar for fifty years) discovers that his secret lab is located beneath Jo Jo Wigman’s bedroom floor. Can a pre-pubescent girl help an experienced super-pickle in his mission, even if she does still wear footsie jammies? Morse draws vegetables and humans with personality and style; if you can’t imagine a pickle scowling, this book will change your mind. Hilarious artwork, plucky kids, and silly puns make Magic Pickle perfect for younger comics readers.

Magic Pickle
ISBN: 9780439879958
by Scott Morse
Scholastic/GRAPHIX 2008 (new edition)

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