What if an inventor had created a giant computer in an old Texas church in 1897? In the alternate reality of Cathedral Child, steam power runs the world and a small village in Texas will be the site of a meeting between the scientific and spiritual worlds. “Cathedral” is supposed to be a new “thinking machine,” but it’s much more than that. There’s a mysterious presence there, one that communicates through music with the two young people assigned to “teach” the computer. Sumner, the son of Cathedral’s inventor, and Glory, his childhood sweetheart, are the only ones who truly understand what (or who) Cathedral really is. To bring the project to completion, and make Cathedral what it was meant to be, they must protect it from the sinister designs of Parrish Stuart. But Stuart, who raised Sumner after his father’s murder, is determined to keep Sumner and Glory apart. Lea Hernandez’s story is a classic battle of love and mysticism against prejudice and greed with strong, appealing characters.

Cathedral Child: Texas Steampunk I
ISBN: 0970947453
by Lea Hernandez
Cyberosia 2002

  • Jennifer Webb

    Past Reviewer

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