A new fantasy series takes readers into a wild mountainous world of harsh winters, strange magic, and numerous creatures. In Snowlands, Book One: A Blood Moon, a wolf cub finds herself in the middle of a world that has become unbalanced while a snow leopard searches for her missing family. Written by Moor Meroz and illustrated by Collin Fogel, the duo combines a traditional quest story with detailed visuals to create an exciting adventure from beginning to end.

High in the mountains of the Snowlands, the sheep are missing and the wolf pack is famished. All blame is placed on young Feba, who immediately runs away when she hears about her banishment. The wolf cub meets up with snow leopard Usha, who is searching for her missing cub and a pallas’s cat named Batu. At first Usha wants nothing to do with Feba, but as they journey to different places and meet with all sorts of creatures, she allows the young wolf to tag along. Meanwhile, the pack’s cubs are missing and anyone who searches for them is met with a gruesome death.  Something is definitely wrong in the mountains but what could it be?

The world of Snowlands is filled with both danger and life. A unique collective of creatures, ranging from pandas to crocodiles to monkeys, are all gathered up and down the mountainous terrain, trying to survive anyway they can. Some are upsetting the balance in the land while others try to heal it. The snowy terrain stretches far and wide, with small territories of hot springs and jungle trees hidden within. Illustrator Collin Fogel does not shy away from his craft, allowing the wild world to take shape with detailed artwork and a diverse color scheme of earth tones, lights, and shadows. The story itself is reminiscent of anthropomorphic fantasy stories, such as Erin Hunter’s “Warriors” and Kathryn Lasky’s “Guardians of Ga’Hoole”. Writer Moor Meroz uses the journey trope to allow his characters to grow and realize what they are truly looking for: family and belonging. Scenes of grief and suspense keep the story going, allowing readers to question what is lurking in the mountains and if Feba and her friends find what they are looking for.

With an exciting story and amazing artwork, Snowlands, Book One: A Blood Moon will keep young readers entertained and intrigued. It is a great recommendation for fans of anthropomorphic animal stories and fantasy quests. This is a must have choice for all school and public libraries, especially those who cater to children in 4th-8th grade. 

Snowlands, Book One: A Blood Moon
By Morr Meroz
Art by Collin Fogel
The Snowlands Company, 2021
ISBN: 9781737988700

NFNT Age Recommendation: Middle Grade (7-11), Tween (10-13)

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