What if anger came not just as a feeling, but undeniable ‘waves’ of pure violence causing death and destruction in its wake? The complete series of Resonant presents a world years into these waves, with a unique take on the post-apocalypse genre. 

At just ten issues and only two volumes, one would think Resonant would be an easy skip. After all, by volume one’s end we have four storylines going on and not enough backstory on each to really know what to expect. However, the second volume presents more information on the wave and a sinister Stepford-ish cult that seems too good to be true. There is enough here to warrant a further look, despite its abrupt end.

Writer David Brian “DB” Andry starts with a familiar setting for post-apocalypse fans: a remote cabin in the woods with our main family hiding from those who would cause harm. Paxton, single father of three, must leave his eldest daughter and son in charge of the youngest as he goes out to get much-needed medicine. In true hero’s journey fashion, he is constantly waylaid by a strange group of blindfolded people roaming the countryside, a dictatorship island cult, and a very strange commune where the Wave seems non-existent. The b-plot, as it were, involves the eldest daughter and son exploring their identities in the absence of their father. For example, the daughter becomes the protector of the family during a wave, bear attack, and arrival of the blindfolded people. Much like Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, the origins of The Wave are not given, rather its effects on all of the characters and how they deal with it when it comes is the focus of the story. 

While I was along for the ride with Andry’s story, the art was a bit of a different story. The first volume of five issues features art by Alejandro Aragon. This artist also drew for BOOM! studio’s The Expanse, which I reviewed as well. While I can say I did like his art more here, it still suffered from some strange facial features and shapes, and again the art has a lot of black linework that just seems unnecessary. However, in issue 6 Skylar Patridge takes over art and I found it comparable to Cliff Chiang’s work on Paper Girls, with much more consistent and realistic faces and lighter touches on black inking throughout. 

Andry is a new name in comics, at least to those like me unfamiliar with the fledgling Vault Comics, which only launched in 2016. I have to admit this was my first title read from this publisher, but if it is indicative of their content, I would try out more titles! It was not long ago that BOOM! Comics was a new name in publishing, and Vault’s focus on Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy comics could add diversity to an older teen, adult comic audience.

I would recommend this comic to older teens and adults, although I had a hard time finding the publisher’s recommended age rating. While its length may deter those who want something with longevity, it provides a quick and different look at the heavily populated world of post-apocalypse comics.

Resonant, Vols. 1 & 2
By DB Andry
Art by  Alejandro Aragon, Skylar Patridge
Vault, 2021
Vol 1 ISBN: 9781939424495
Vol 2 ISBN: 9781638490074

NFNT Age Recommendation: Adult (18+), Older Teen (16-18)

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