There are moments in sports history that leave a lasting impact on society. Whether it be a win from the underdogs or the rise of an influential icon, people will look back and be in awe over how these moments came to be. Capstone publishing has taken noteworthy sports moments and created a new collection of graphic novels for children to enjoy. Entitled Greatest Sports Moments, the series introduces its readers to a variety of sporting events and memorable moments that will both entertain and educate.

The first two books in the series are written by Brandon Terrell and illustrated by Eduardo Garcia. In A Win for Women: Billie Jean King Takes Down Bobby Riggs, the duo recounts the famous tennis match known as the Battle of the Sexes. At a time when female athletes were not taken as seriously as their male counterparts, Billie Jean King proved to the world that women are as strong as men on the court. Her match with Bobby Riggs is retold from their first press conference to their long-lasting friendship afterwards. The second book in the series, Soccer Showdown: U.S. Women’s Stunning 1999 World Cup Win, is about the historic win for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. The team worked hard in each and every game, becoming well prepared for their final match, a grueling competition due to the hot weather and the strength of the opposing team. Their dramatic win was a turning point that increased the popularity of soccer in the United States and influenced new players in the sport.

With a straight forward story and detailed artwork, these two books are a great choice for any library collection. Brandon Terrell provides enough background and biographical information for the reader to take in without drawing away from the main story. During each match, there are bursts of commentary from sportscasters, giving readers a chance to experience the real event. Eduardo Garcia’s illustrations clearly conveys the emotions of each athlete, especially when they are exhausted or thrilled. The action of each sporting event flows well from panel to panel, keeping the readers’ attention, and his color palette brightens the page. Each book ends with a short update on the athletes and the lasting impact of their game, a glossary of sporting terms, critical thinking questions, and titles to consider for further reading.

A Win for Women: Billie Jean King Takes Down Bobby Riggs and Soccer Showdown: U.S. Women’s Stunning 1999 World Cup Win will make good additions for both school and public libraries. Children in grades 3rd-6th, especially those who are interested in sports, will enjoy these books. The extra content will influence young readers to research each event and find new books along the way.

Greatest Sports Moments series
By Brandon Terrell
Art by Eduardo Garcia
A Win for Women: Billie Jean King Takes Down Bobby Riggs
ISBN: 9781543542196

Soccer Showdown: U.S. Women’s Stunning 1999 World Cup Win
ISBN: 9781543542202
Capstone, 2019
Publisher Age Rating: Grade 3-4, Age 8-9


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