Getting a good night’s rest can be a challenge for anyone, especially kidnapped human princesses who have entered the realm of the Demon King. Such is the plight of Princess Syalis in Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle by Kagiji Kumanomata.

Princess Aurora Syalis Goodereste is a captive princess. Imprisoned by the Demon King in a rowdy castle full of demons, the princess finds herself bored and in need of a good night of sleep. As it turns out, sleep can be hard work to come by. Her work begins by fashioning herself a new pillow out of fur from the Demon Teddy Guards and a new air mattress using a powerful item meant for the hero (currently on his quest to rescue her). Her schemes to get some sleep only continue to become more hare-brained and over the top as she searches for the perfect comforter and mosquito net to keep out the bugs from her precious sleeping place. One thing is for certain, these demons are beginning to realize that the princess has no intention of submitting to her captor’s wishes of being a meek and frightened victim. Instead, they’ll have to contend with a willful and skillful princess who is not above murder in order to get a perfect night of sleep in the Demon King’s castle.

Princess Syalis also meets an interesting cast of characters, from those cute Teddy Demon Guards, to the Demon Cleric that keeps reviving her when she charges into her death with abandon, and the Great Red Siberian that Princess Syalis decides to sleep on in a fit of insomnia. Above them all, the Demon King skulks around, annoyed at the audacity of the human princess to cause trouble, but is incapable of actually speaking to her. However, he does seem to be attempting to help the human hero on his quest to rescue the princess… an odd behavior for a Demon King.

Volume 2 continues with more of the same; Princess Syalis is still seeking sleep and doing her best to cool off in the stifling summer heat. She steals ice from an Ice Demon, and decides to relieve muscle pain by getting struck by lightning via a demon that is very conspicuously made of tires. Feeling as if Princess Syalis might be lonely, they provide her with Harpy, a demon girl interested in learning about the human world. However, all this leads to is a very awkward sleepover, where our beloved princess uses her newly made friend as a down mattress. Seeking rejuvenation for her skin, she winds up massacring a group of demon bees (who get revived thanks to the Demon Cleric) and then destroys any aid for the human hero when she spills a drink on her comforter; using several valuable artifacts to do laundry in the castle.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is a continuing series, and each volume progresses in a similar manner, adding new characters and scenarios where Princess Syalis attempts to get the best night of sleep. A quirky comedy, this series is best when it is not taken seriously, as the scenarios become increasingly ridiculous and readers will begin developing a sense of sympathy for the demons keeping Princess Syalis captive. With such a simple premise, the story can get a bit repetitive at times, but is fairly creative in how the princess seeks her sleep. Readers won’t get to see much development in terms of characters, but their interactions make it worth the read.

The artwork is very crisp and clean, but does have a lot of dialogue, which makes the page a little cluttered at times. It is more of a shonen manga, including more action and comedy than romance or anything else. All of the demons that Princess Syalis comes into contact with have their own description pages, along with funny little panels that include some sort of interaction with some of the regularly seen demons: the Demon Cleric, Demon King, and Great Red Siberian. Though much of the action takes place in the Demon castle, some chapters begin with a brief interlude in the human realm, explaining how humans are dealing with the kidnapping of the princess.

The translation of the manga is great; I didn’t have any issues as I progressed through either volume of the manga. The rating of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is 13+ and is accurate. It does have some implied sexual themes, but they’re done in a subtle and comedic manner. The manga is a lighthearted and funny way to spend the afternoon, and though the goal is to get the princess rescued it seems to be overshadowed by Princess Syalis’ main goal: sleep. This manga would make a great addition to established or growing manga collections, as there are only a couple of volumes out so far, making it easy to collect and keep up with.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Vols. 1-2
By Kagiji Kumanomata
vol 1 ISBN: 9781974700189
vol 2 ISBN: 9781974700196
Viz, 2018
Publisher Age Rating:T (13+)

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