You did not think the adventure ended when the show did, did you? Well, Finn, Jake, and their friends have returned in an all new collection of comics shorts in Adventure Time Comics, Vol. 4. From exploring new areas to surprise parties, the characters come together for more mini adventures in the Land of Ooo. Each short is created by a talented illustrator and writer who provide their own stories that fit very well in the Adventure Time universe.

The collection consists of sixteen comic shorts situated around everyday occurrences in the Land of Ooo. There is, of course, Finn and Jake saving the day using Jake’s stretchy powers or Finn’s sword fighting skills. Let’s not forget Lumpy Space Princess creating her own dating game show with some unwilling contestants. A trip back in time takes readers to the journey of Marceline and Simon, as they search for supplies in the post apocalyptic world that was once called Earth. BMO gets a super powered upgrade from Princess Bubblegum in order to help Finn and Jake on further adventures. And a look behind the scenes of Princess Bubblegum’s Banana Guards invites readers into the screening of an important training video. There are plenty more adventures within this volume, each providing a window into the offbeat world of Adventure Time that viewers and readers know too well.

With a collection of comics such as this, readers are treated to a variety of comic book artists and writers. In fact, some creators have done double duty with their stories, providing both dialogue and illustrations to their story, such as David Degrand, E Jackson, Anoosha Syed, Marie Enger, Jenna Ayoub, Ian Herring, and Kinoko Evans. What is unique about this collection is how well each story fits within the Adventure Time universe. The character’s situation, whether it be helping each other or just playing around, will remind readers of how fun the original cartoon is and the uniqueness of each of its characters. The artwork changes from one comic to the next, providing different styles of illustrations and color palettes, with dialogue that is a combination of funny and heartwarming. There is a little something for every reader, whether it be an origin story of a secondary character, a fun time at the beach, or a wordless story that takes place in space.

Adventure Time, Vol. 4 is a great addition to any public library’s children’s collection. The comic collection will be well suited for those who are familiar with the Adventure Time universe, especially readers who are in grades 2nd-6th. Readers will greatly enjoy these comic shorts and be willing to read the rest of the series.

Adventure Time Comics , Vol. 4 
By various
ISBN: 9781684151332
KaBoom, 2018
Publisher Age Rating: 9-12

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