Dav Pilkey is back with his canine enforcer Dog Man, a metafiction comic written by Captain Underpants main characters George and Harold. Just like in the first Dog Man graphic novel, this crazy adventure is packed with enough laughs to keep you reading. In true Pilkey fashion, readers are entertained with new characters, pages of Flip-O-Rama action, crazy action packed scenes, and jokes that even parents may find funny.

In Dog Man: Unleashed, the police station is getting ready for the chief’s birthday. As the crew decorate and prepare for the surprise, Dog Man must find the perfect present for his favorite police officer. The good news, the pet store owners give him a free fish. The bad news, this particular fish happens to be evil, but no one told Dog Man. Soon strange things begin to happen in the city: a mysterious stranger terrorizes citizens, the evil cat Petey has escaped prison, and a second Petey, only flat and made out of paper, is causing havoc with a wizard in tow.

Pilkey continues this series with his witty writing and wacky characters. Not only do Dog Man and Petey return, readers are introduced to a potential love interest in Zuzu the dog, and a telekinetic fish named Flippy. Dog Man himself is still the same goofy but lovable canine who can’t help but eat trash and play with anything that looks like fun, such as a bone or a ball. The first book’s comic style continues with hand drawn characters created by children and a bright color palette that brings out the humor in the story. Because this is a comic written by two fictional boys, the childish artwork, bad spelling, and insane storyline work well together. There are even a few smart jokes about old technology and references to popular movies that will give adult readers a chuckle or two. The back pages of the book include instructions on how to draw your own Dog Man, Petey, Flat Petey, Zuzu, and Flippy.

If the first book flew off your shelves, then you must purchase this for your collection. It is a must read for any Captain Underpants fan or voracious readers of humorous graphic novels. Children will be thrilled to read this new addition cover to cover and discover every humorous moment until the end.

Dog Man: Unleashed, vol. 2
by Dav Pilkey
ISBN: 9780545935203
Scholastic, 2017
Publisher Age Rating: 7+

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