Dinosaurs in SpaceYou think dinosaurs went extinct? Think again! They just left the planet to become… dinosaurs in space!! With several short episodes, the dinosaurs tackle tough issues like aliens, getting ahead of yourself, and burgers vs. salad.

About as ridiculous as they sound, these dinosaurs (in space) have their own galaxy where they make their own rules. The dinosaurs slip between actual science like gravity and black holes, and cartoon logic like jumping between planets, in a seamless round of silliness. The story also lays a good foundation for discussion of higher concepts like herbivore vs. carnivore in the burger vs. salad adventure.

With quite a bit of text per page, this goes beyond the skills of the earliest readers, but it could make a great read together book for that group, or solo reading for someone comfortable with a few sentences per page.

The art is cartoony and colorful, with simple lines and just enough extra to keep things interesting and not distracting. Most backgrounds are stars and crater-covered surfaces of planets, but every once in a while things are jazzed up with details. The dinosaurs are distinguishable more by their bright colors than resemblance to typical realistic dino portrayals of different types, which works fine for the age group.

With no earth-shattering revelations, these dinosaurs aim to entertain those developing readers ready to tackle books on their own. They might even become a fan of the galaxy of silly dinosaur adventures… in SPACE!

Dinosaurs in Space
by Pranas T. Naujokatis
ISBN: 9781609052539
Blue Apple, 2012

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