Adventure Time, Volume 1Can’t get enough Adventure Time? Well, neither can I, so I picked up the first volume of the wonderful, whimsical Cartoon Network show turned comic book. And, it is glorious! Made up of one very short story about BMO and one very long story about the deadly and dangerous Lich, fans of the show, as well as those new to the Land of Ooo and its inhabitants, will devour this comic book faster than one could deem the whole endeavor unacceptable.

Written by Dinosaur Comics creator-extraordinaire, Ryan North, and illustrated by Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, and Mike Holmes, the book itself is a fun and fast read with two incredibly engaging stories. First off, BMO wants to be perfect at fights, but he’s not. Thankfully, Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum will do anything to make their friend feel good about himself. Elsewhere, the Lich has crawled out of some crazy bag back into the Land of Ooo. Mission: Destroy everything…and I mean everything. Like, everything we’ve ever known ever. But, he’s got to contend not just with Finn and Jake, but all the citizens of Ooo as well as the Desert Princess and her followers. Yes – Desert Princess. Just read it, you’ll love it, I’m sure.

There are plenty of high fives, hilarious jokes, visits from our favorite characters, like LSP and Marceline, as well as some very well placed footnotes that make this a book that fits right in with the craziness of its television show counterpart. Also, Adventure Time was nominated for Best Continuing Series, Best New Series, Best Publication for Kids, and Best Humor Publication in the 2013 Eisner Awards.

The illustrations in the book are just perfect. They are super colorful, true to their TV form, and easy to follow and read. Traditional paneling styles are used, along with funny asides, miniature panels, footnotes, and full page panels which make the book fun to read, too. It’s definitely not your traditional 6-8 panels per page set up. Characters are expressive and the fluidity of character movement and expression and words make the panels come to life. Action and movement are depicted well and speech bubbles are thoughtfully placed so readers won’t get confused as to who is actually speaking. If anything could be said to be a perfect derivative of a television show in book form, this is definitely it. Not just because the drawings are the same or the humor is the same, but the spirit of the book brings the spirit of the show right to the readers. Plus, it’s great for people new to the show or even those not interested in watching the show. This is just a great humor publication for kids, teens, and adults with beautifully colored illustrations that complement the story in just the right way.

Adventure Time, Volume 1
by Ryan North
Art by Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Mike Holmes
ISBN: 9781608862801
kaboom!, 2012

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