The MuppetsIt’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!” In this brand-new, collected edition of The Muppets #1-4 by Roger Langridge, readers young and old will laugh themselves silly at the hilarious hijinks of the famous Muppets. Titled The Four Seasons, this book is broken up into 4 “chapters” – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Each season vignette is really like the Muppet Show itself – a storyline that’s going along behind the scenes and individual breakaway skits like “Pigs in Space” and “The Swedish Chef.” Each chapter was hilariously funny and really brought the free spirit of the show to this printed format. A fun and quick read that will bring back fond memories for Muppet Show fans and introduce the humor of Jim Henson to a new crop of readers and watchers.

As always, the artwork of Roger Langridge is incredible. I’m quite a fan of his Snarked series for Boom, and his run on The Muppets really captured the feeling of the original television program. The illustrations are fun and playful, and they remind me of the earlier Muppets – not the puppets of today, but those that were around when I was a kid. The illustrations are very colorful and easy to follow and very well drawn – clear, precise lines and impeccable coloring and shading. The stories do a good job of going back and forth between the “televised” skits and the underlying story, so much so, that it really made me realize how well The Muppet Show can be translated to a comic book. The breaking of the fourth wall, the skits within skits all work perfectly – the story moved along quite nicely and kept me interested throughout the book.

Both kids and adults will really enjoy the stories told and illustrated here. The way Roger draws all our favorites – Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie and more – perfectly shows their facial expressions and body language and movements and the speech bubbles and paneling are extremely easy to follow. I loved the addition of written sound effects instead of just relying on the action of the panel; this little addition of wording just made the panels come to life in my head. This book is just really funny and fun to look at – Roger Langridge was an excellent choice to head up the Muppet titles. His whimsical and colorful illustrations are a perfect fit for everyone’s favorite misfit troupe.

The Muppets: The Four Seasons
by Roger Langridge
ISBN: 9780785165385
Disney Comics, 2012

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