Power RangersThe Power Rangers are enjoying a well-deserved night off. They have gone to a concert at a local city amphitheater in Deep Gorge Park. The band has even dedicated a song to the Power Rangers, innocent of the fact that the actual Rangers are in the audience. But in the Netherworld, the evil Xandred, a humanoid creature of red and blue with large horns and six eyes, has been watching for a moment to attack. He sends his minion, The Obliviator, to attack the Rangers and try to wipe their memories. Although Master Ji, the Ranger’s mentor and trainer, senses the attack and tries to warn them, it is too late. The Obliviator has appeared. And what an appearance! He is a giant brain with six arms! Quickly, the Rangers go into battle mode to fight this latest threat to the world.

This is a slim volume that captures the simple feel of the original TV show. The art is clear and easy to read. The battle scenes are drawn well and dynamically. Despite the fighting, it is a light almost humorous book. There is much verbal bantering between all the characters. When the Obliviator appears, he has accidentally appeared with a Furrywort sitting on its head. These are small creatures that repeat everything you say, which drives the Obliviator crazy.

The issue opens with a description of who the Rangers are. Here you get to read a small bio of each Ranger – their name, likes and dislikes, and special skills – complete with a photograph of the Ranger in and out of character.
Fans of the show will appreciate the consistency of this graphic adaptation. New readers will like the detailed explanation of who the Rangers are, so they can dive right into the story.

Power Rangers, Super Samurai, vol. 1 — Memory Short
by Steve Petrucha
Art by Paulo Hernique
ISBN: 97815970733
Papercutz, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: Ages 6 and up

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