BurstAngelInfinityBurst Angel: Infinity is difficult to view in a vacuum. The single episode OVA serves as an extension to the events of the full Burst Angel series, itself an addendum to a mid-run episode, and it is imperative that the viewer have some familiarity with the series in order to have a proper frame of reference. Burst Angel: Infinity features heroines Jo and Meg, two members of a paramilitary group formed after an increase of violent criminal activity in the indeterminable “far future” (none of this is mentioned in the episode). The pair head to New York City to visit a friend only to discover that a robotic terror has inflicted harm upon her and death on others. Jo and Meg eventually discover that a psycho with a death fetish has been controlling the hulking machine and filming its murders. The two women proceed to let their guns sing the song of sweet revenge.

Only fans and followers of the original Burst Angel series need to apply here. While the story itself is solid enough to stand on its own, not knowing who the leads are and what their connections are to those living in New York will only lead to confusion. Or, at the very least, a genuine interest in seeking out the show to find out what’s going on in the world Jo and Meg live in. The OVA is incredibly brief (it’s only a 22-minute episode) and I would have felt ripped off paying full price for something so throw-away. Its collection of features, including a summary of all twenty-four Burst Angel episodes, trailers, and clean opening and closing sequence doesn’t really offer any sense of value to the overall product.

Burst Angel: Infinity is nothing more than an all too brief side story that may not even register on a fan’s radar. As such, there’s really no need to add it to a collection.

Burst Angel:Infinity
FUNimation, 2007
directed by Koichi Ohata
150 minutes, Number of Discs: 1, Single disc/DVD
Company Age Rating: 13+

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