Yes, Yes, YaulHip (a turtle) and Hop (a rabbit) are having fun, rapping wherever they go.

“We’re climbing up high and still looking fly”
“We’re holding our breath while still looking def”.

And then they meet Yaul the porcupine.

Yaul doesn’t like anything. Hip and Hop offer everything they can think of, which, of course, is offered in rhyme. Yaul doesn’t like kittens or mittens, carrots or parrots. Yaul rejects it all. So Hip and Hop decide to throw Yaul the best birthday party ever. No one can be so down about an awesome party, right? At first it doesn’t look like it will work, but when Yaul finds something he likes to do he realizes that saying yes can lead to more fun than always saying no.

This sequel to Hip and Hop Don’t Stop is more picture book than graphic novel. Call it Graphic Novel Lite. The characters use speech bubbles, sometimes. It has panels, occasionally. It has large two-page spreads and smaller panels of action. The art, with its simple drawings and clean, bold lines is easy to read. There are some inside cultural references that may or may not go over a kid’s head. For example, at a rapping contest, other entrants include Bee-yonce and Kanye Pest. I think inside jokes like these add a layer of interest for the parents and also add fun to the book. They make a book that a kid will enjoy going back to and discovering jokes they didn’t understand when they read it the first time.

I also liked the interactivity of the directions on how read the book. Hip’s words are in Red and should be read slowly. Hop’s text is green and should be read fast. To get into the spirit of this, I recommend watching the rapping book trailer.

A fun read for 3 – 6-year-olds and their parents.

Yes, Yes, Yaul! a hip hop book
by Jef Czekaj
ISBN: 978-142314682
Hyperion, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: Age 3 and up

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