The Amazing Mini-MuttsFighting crime is tough – that’s why DC superheroes like Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman all have their own pets to help them when the going gets tough. But what do the Super Pets do when their superhuman friends are off on their own adventures? They fight crime, of course! When the DC superheroes are away their pets definitely don’t play; they’re fighting against the evil pets of the DC super villains who are up to no good.

The books in the DC Super Pets series are the perfect prose tie-ins for any kid who can’t get enough of the DC Universe. Although the writers are different for each installment, each book is wonderfully illustrated by Eisner Award winner and Tiny Titans artist, Art Baltazar. His whimsical and super-colorful drawings are a perfect match to the funny and suspenseful storylines. Although these books are not graphic novels (they are actually closer to early readers) both comics fans and those who are new to DCU will love the stories and illustrations that are included on almost every page. These books would fit well both in an early readers section and in a comics section in any library.

The Amazing Mini-Mutts
Superhero owner Cloey has two awesome dogs, Sprightly Steve and Luna Moon, who are new recruits in Bowwow Boot Camp, the super-secret school where all new Super-Pets must train in order to help out their superheroes. Unfortunately, Brainicat has an evil plan he’s just dying to put in motion. Sprightly Steve & Luna Moon are new to boot camp and are still trying to figure out what their super powers are, but they decide they must rise to the occasion in order to make sure all the Super-Pets get out safe and sound. Join these two doggies, along with Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Super-Dog, as they show Brainicat who the real heroes are. (And how exciting is this? Nine-year-old Cloey Nyberg wrote an awesome essay about her two super pets (Steve and Luna) for Capstone publishing and the grand prize was a starring role for her and her pooches in The Amazing Mini-Mutts!)

Super-Pets Showdown
With the DC superheroes away at a meeting, it’s no longer the Hall of Justice, it’s the Kennel of Justice, thanks to the Super Pets! But, Proty, the shape-shifting, mind-reading pet of Chameleon Boy, is feeling less than enthusiastic about his “super powers.” When alarms start going off and, one by one, the Super Pets are summoned to help other animals in danger, it ends up being just Proty who is left at the Hall of Justice. Suddenly, the place is overrun with The Legion of Villain Pets – when the villains are away, their pets must play, and villains like The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Catwoman have trained their pets to follow their evil ways. Can Proty protect the Hall of Justice from these crazy kitties and demented dogs, or will Proty turn into one big blubbering blob?

Starro and the Space Dolphins
Uh-oh! Lobo and his Super-Pet Dawg are totally missing their space dolphins! What could have happened to them? When Lobo runs into his pal Hawkman and his Super Pet Big Ted, they realize Lobo’s space dolphins have been kidnapped by Starros – a deadly multiplying starfish that is controlling all the dolphins with mind control. Dawg is bawling his doggy eyes out at the thought of losing his dolphin friends, so Hawkman and Lobo come up with a plan to get their pals back. But will they lose control of their minds, too? And where is all that music coming from? It’s going to take a strong mind and a strong body to get Starros and his minions to lose their control over the dolphins. This is a job for Big Ted and the Super Pets!

DC Super Pets: The Amazing Mini-Mutts
by Donald Lemke
Art by Art Baltazar
ISBN: 9781404864887

DC Super Pets: Super-Pets Showdown
by Sarah Hines Stephens
Art by Art Baltazar
ISBN: 9781404864863

DC Super Pets: Starro & the Space Dolphins
Art by Art Baltazar
ISBN: 9781404864870
Capstone, 2012

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