THIS. This is my happy this week. It’s sooooo beautiful. Unfortunately it’s also my sad, as I do not actually have the money for it. Ah, well, that’s what Christmas wishlists are for.


My happy is the upcoming season premiere Robot Chicken episode on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, featuring the DC Heroes this coming Sunday.  If you know the show at all, you know it’s got short-attention-span skit kind of gags that are – you know – usually really WRONG.  Now they will most likely be really wrong in a DC comics inside-humor sort of way.  Plus the website has a costume contest and a sweepstakes where you could win an action figure from the show, signed by the show creators and Geoff Johns.  Somewhere I still have one of those old Meco toy Batmans from the 70’s like the ones they use!


I’ve been doing the happy dance since I pre-ordered my copy of the Persona 4 anime due in a few months!


My happy is that I got my Saturday ticket to New York Comic Con! I’m going for the anime part of it, though. ^.^


A recent happiness for me is the news that the Gintama anime will be returning with new episodes this fall.  Joy!  I adore its brand of wee-bit-serious-but-mostly-utterly-ridiculous alternate history inanity.  I hope, I hope, I hope that Crunchyroll picks up the streaming rights again.

Now if only Viz would see fit to resume publishing Sorachi-sensei’s equally stupidly wonderful manga….  *bats eyelashes pretty-pleasily*


My happy this week is that my husband and I went to PAX last weekend and saw a lot of cool things.  We picked up a board game called Leviathans we heard about at a steampunk panel.  I’m hoping we get a chance to play it this weekend, but it did result in lots of enthusiasm from people in the tabletop area.  My husband got lots of longing stares at the gigantor box and several people telling him he’s just picked up the best game ever, so hopefully it lives up to the hype!  But one of my favorite things about cons is the cosplay.  When we got in line to play Epic Mickey 2, Captain America lined up behind us.  She was awesome!  You can’t really tell from the picture, but her umbrella is the shield.  We started talking about gender-swapping cosplay and The Mary Sue article Snow referred to in July.


My happy this week is the utter ridiculousness of DC’s partnership with to promote the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship. Who thought this was a good idea? What demographic are they going after? It’s just so cheeseball and dumb!


My happy this week is starting a new term with some very keen and thoughtful undergrads and grad students who are taking my online comic book course. Some of the students are avid comic book readers while many of the others are totally new to the format. Looking forward to  great discussions.

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