Knights of the Lunch Table
“In the beginning…volcanoes rumbled…the earth shook…there was ROCK! And it was…awesome!”

So starts this third epic tale of Arthur’s adventures at Camelot Middle School. In this installment, Artie finds himself drawn into a battle of the school bands despite his initial reluctance to perform. Part of this reluctance stems from the fact that he doesn’t actually have a band to enter. Besides, Camelot Middle School has not won a battle of the bands since the Singing Sword was lost 27 years ago. Is it possible that Principal Dagger has something to do with that?

As usual, this series manages to pull in elements from the King Arthur legend in clever and inventive ways that add a layer of enjoyment to the comic. While I don’t think readers need to know the King Arthur legend to enjoy these books, it certainly adds a layer of richness to the story. (I particularly love the three lunch ladies stirring their magic cauldron of potion lunch while chanting prophecies at Arthur.)

The art has a fun Saturday morning cartoon feel to it, with clean, bold lines and a loose, sketchy style.

While it’s not strictly necessary to read volume one and two of this series to follow along, I always feel that it’s better to start with the beginning. It adds to the fullness of the world and gives the reader a better sense of the characters and the recurring jokes.

This whole series would be a great addition to a school library. Perfect for age 7 and up. (No sex, no violence – not even a bully hitting a kid).

Knights of the Lunch Table #3: The Battling Bands
by Frank Cammuso
ISBN: 978-043990318
Graphix, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: Age 8 and up

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