Andrew: I’m really intrigued by the news that Brian Wood is writing a Star Wars comic set in the world of proper original trilogy Star Wars. Leia as an X-wing pilot may be blatant pandering, but I’m not too proud to be pandered to.

Also, I’m happy that after some time poking around online I can verify that I am not the only person who really didn’t like The Dark Knight Rises all that much.

Finally, I’m still giggling about Mitch O’Connell’s blog post Sex in Comic! The top 100 strangest, suggestive and steamy vintage comic book panels of all time! He’s dug around for a whole bunch of old comic panels that sound or look dirty when taken out of context. It’s pretty inappropriate and infantile, but still hilarious. Particularly this picture of a guy kissing a bear:


Snow: My boss Brenda said Gaiman’s Comic-Con announcement made her VERYhappy.


Jenny: A recent Sunday, I was slowly waking up to the silly banter of NPR’s “Ask Me Another” game show when suddenly I heard a familiar, heart-jumping horn intro…and held up my still sleep-dead arm to count down “3, 2, 1, let’s jam!” along with Steve Blum’s too-cool-for-everything voice.

NPR and Sunday morning and Yoko Kanno’s “Tank!”: a recipe for groggy joy.

*hugs whoever chose the station bump’s filler music*


Eva: As I write this, I have 70 kids in our programming room and twenty more waiting to get in. They’re all here for a drop-in art program with MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Art. I love, love, love that we can provide an opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty with clay, crayons, paint, glue, chalk, and glitter as they create magic. These kids are SO HAPPY. Man, I love my job.

In addition, it turns out Publisher’s Weekly covered the panel Jack put together for Comic-Con. How cool is that?





Russ: I just found this and now need to find someone who crossstitches, so I can give this as a gift to new parents.

My other happy this week, is the unexpected delight I got after finally seeing Summer Wars.  I’d heard good things about this film for over a year now, but it totally blew away all expectations.  I haven’t seen an anime this thoughtful and yet this fun in years.








Jack: This.


Brazos: I’m happy that our library is test driving a new catalog.

It’s really exciting!  I made an annotated list of my favorite comics.


Abby: I’m happy because I just got all of the My Boyfriend is a Monster for my library (except for the mummy one, which I somehow missed) and my most avid graphic novel reader checked out and loved all of them.  They are such fun books to read.


Bonnie: My happy this week is that I finally got tickets to go to Everfree NW!  And since, at some point in time, there will be a My Little Pony comic, I feel that’s somehow comic-related.  And in typically nerdly fashion, I’m excited about the panels discussing things like Norse mythology and literary tropes in MLP: FiM. Also, I’ll be toting around the baby, so maybe people will feel kindly towards me or hypnotized by his awesomeness and give us pony-related swag.


Matt Morrison: I’m happy because of the increasing amount of news coming out regarding the upcoming ARROW series on The CW.  As a long time Green Arrow fan, I was very nervous when I first heard about this show and some of the seemingly random changes that were being made – Starling City instead of Seattle or Star City, Laurel Lance instead of Dinah and – of course – Ollie Queen himself being dubbed “Arrow” without the “Green”.

But what’s in a name?  The footage of the show thus far looks far more suited to a superhero movie than a weekly TV show and they’ve confirmed that the main inspirations for the series were Mike Grell’s excellent Green Arrow run from the late 80s/early 90s and the more recent Green Arrow: Year One mini-series by Andy Diggle.  Throw in the facts that Stephen Arnell – the actor playing Ollie – actually does most of his own stunts, can actually hold a bow properly and the news that the show is going to include actual DC Comics villains like Deadshot and Deathstroke and I’m honestly excited for the October premiere.


Robin: I got to wear my Justice League of Shakespeare Kill Shakespeare t-shirt this week to see the Shakespeare on the Common (in Boston) production of Coriolanus.  I love wearing a t-shirt that gets Shakespeare fans so excited, and many at first think it’s a joke, so it’s particularly happy-making to be able to say, “No!  It’s a comic that YOU can READ!


Editor’s note: I apologize to our regular readers for the lack of a WMUHTW columns — illness got in the way, and then we’ve had technical difficulties with the site, but hopefully they will soon be resolved and everything will get back to normal.  These are the last few weeks happy-making notes!  Extra happiness for everyone!

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