Free Wishes! Insert Licorice HereWeesh is an adorable wallaby-like creature with the ability to temporarily grant wishes. He is also invisible to anyone who is too grown up to believe in him. So, when a single dad and his three kids move into Weesh’s house, havoc ensues. Weesh is lured out to meet the kids when Zoey, the oldest, gets out some licorice. Zoey says the licorice is “black and bitter like her soul.” Weesh says the licorice helps fuel his wish granting abilities. Zoey continues to be bitter and cynical, but the two younger siblings, Tate and Olivia, love taking each wish to an extreme outcome.

The original format was a four panel web comic. Now it is compiled into an anthology collecting the first year of Weesh. While a few stories continue from page to page, most are self-contained vignettes with their set-up, action, and punch line. Since this is an all-ages comic, most stories generate a Sunday morning comic strip chuckle rather than any belly laughs. Still, they are fun and interesting, great for a young kid just getting into comics.

The characters are adorable, from sarcastic, yet sometimes sweet Zoey and the sassy and somewhat inept Weesh juxtaposed with the sweet and stereotypical five-year-old Olivia and the conniving brother Tate. One running joke is Tate using his wishes or personal time for something seemingly innocent that turns out to be a practical joke on Zoey. When he shows up with his glasses smashed, he always affirms, in typical little brother style, that it was worth it.

The drawings are simple, clean lines with very skinny bodies and big faces. The characters’ reactions are all about the eyes with the mouths sometimes disappearing entirely when closed. Despite their simplicity, the faces remain expressive and interesting. My favorite parts are when the characters turn into animals or bring animals into the scene with a wish. Seriously, they are so cute!

While a little predictable, the stories are still fun and interesting to look through. They would be good to have sitting in a library window seat for a grown-up to read with their favorite small person.

Free Wishes! Insert Licorice Here.
by Dan Hess
ISBN: 9780557109852
Venis Productions, 2009
Publisher Age Rating: All Ages

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