What’s making me happy is this analysis of Brave, and why a lot of credits just don’t quite get it.

Also, the reams and reams of gender-swapped cosplay photos from San Diego Comic-Con, like over at Bryan Konietzko’s tumblr, and  at Dave Roman’s tumblr, the gender-swapped Avengers.

Also, this gifset of Deadpool at Comic-Con added to the costumed brilliance. (source: emilogg)


My happy this week involves me being late to the party.

Our copy of Catwoman (New 52) came in and I was eager to see what all the hubub was about. I haven’t read the book in full yet, but flipping through the pages made for a comical experience. The pattern was pretty amusing, boobs, bra, boobs, sex, action, boobs, boobs, beaten women, bra, sex and oh look, boobs! Now, I won’t bother lying here, I love the female form, I love looking at the female form in any medium. But even I find this comically over the top and a blatant ploy to sell comics. While I’m not a particular fan of Catwoman, I like many others acknowledge that she is more than a pair of boobs packed into tight leather. I read the Catwoman book by Darwin Cooke and Ed Brubaker and that stuff seemed pretty classy (to he fair, Cooke can make anything classy!). But man, this book is pretty ridiculous!


I get to see Batman on Sunday.  There is nothing happier than that any week.  Except when the Hobbit finally comes out.

I’ve also been laughing tonight over a twitter account response to Rush Limbaugh’s argument that the new Batman movie is anti-Romney.  The Bane Capital is pretty hilarious.


I got to see Batman Wednesday night. I can’t say for sure, but I’m saying for sure – that’s my happy this week.


I have to admit, I’m still giggling over TheOnion’s last weekly paper, which we get at our library.  In a tribute to Comic-Con, every one of their aritcles was comics related.  My favorites would be about how comics aren’t just for kids anymore – or at least the news stories that are about that, and the new Batman movie’s lighter, campier tone.  The whole paper is hilarious to comics insiders.


This week I’m at a training institute put on by the Iowa Library Association and am happy that after I mentioned graphic novels a few times I had several other librarians approach me with questions or comments about their developing graphic novel collections. It’s always great to see proof that comics are an ever-growing area of interest for all sorts of libraries.


My happy is also a costume one. I love The Mary Sue’s spread of gender-swapped and other alternatively portrayed costumes. The Avengers Bunnies made me giggle, but not as much as the genderswap Han and Leia. It’s about time a guy had to walk around in that stupid bikini!

(photo from The Mary Sue, via WeKnowMemes)

Jennifer H.

My happy awesome is that my husband found G4 showing live commentary from Comic-Con which he promptly turned on for me and he actually said if I am ever able to get us tickets, he would wear a Storm Trooper or Imperial Guard uniform.

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