My happiness this week consists of multiple little anime-related woots!

First off, Julietta Suzuki’s Kamisama Kiss fantasy shojo manga is getting the anime treatment.  I’m enjoying the books so far and loved her earlier Karakuri Odette manga (though it ends far too soon at only 6 volumes! *cries*) and would happily watch either in motion, so my fingers are crossed that Kamisama Kiss gets at least streamed on this side of the world.

Secondly, I’m excited that Haruka Kawachi’s josei manga Natsuyuki Rendevous‘s anime adaptation will be streaming on Crunchyroll and distributed on DVD by Sentai Filmworks.  Anime based on manga written for adult women!  I love my shojo and shonen, but I equally appreciate stuff written for people closer to my own age.  Everything I’ve read about this story of a young man crushing on his flower-shop manager boss while having to deal with the complicating presence of her dead husband’s ghost just makes me want to read / watch it now!

Thirdly, as a Chihayafuru fan currently in withdrawal while awaiting the anime’s second season, I was happily surprised to find that Crunchyroll has begun streamingUtakoi, the anime adaptation of Kei Sugita’s prettily illustrated, loosely-interpreted josei imaginings based on the classical 100 poems that feature in the karuta card game.  This seems a most pleasant (and semi-educational!) way to pass the time between seasons of heart-tugging, adrenaline-inducing, high-school karuta silliness / drama.

And finally and fourthly, I’m happy that I started watching Space Brothers (another series aimed at grown-ups!), which is keeping me from wallowing in the sads now that Avatar: The Legend of Korra is between seasons and Kids on the Slope,Tsuritama, and You & Me 2 have all just wrapped up (in You & Me 2′s case, I hope only for the season!).  Need some non-frenetic, giggle-inducing optimism when contemplating the near future?  Try this show about astronaut training, second chances, and the power of dreams.

Jennifer H.

My happy for this week was seeing the cameo that Stan Lee (during his MegaCon Q&A) hinted would make an appearance in the Spider-Man reboot…Librarians rule!

Oh, yeah, the movie was good too 😉





I am happy this week because my local comic book store has made the long list for the Eisner awards (2012 Spirit of Retailing Award), and because of the extraordinary auction that they will be hosting at the end of this month (and no, I will not be bidding on any of the titles). Here is one of the newspaper blurbs regarding the story which was also aired on local television last night.



I’m excited that Ryan Andrews is printing his lovely graphic short stories into a book funded on Kickstarter!



I’m just happy that I’m settling down to read my ARC (advance reader copy) of Raina Telgemeier’s Drama.  Whee!

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