dirtypairovaThe lovely, but trigger-happy agents of the 3WA are back in a collection of restored OVA episodes originally released alongside the Dirty Pair television series. OVA episodes are unique in that they exist outside (or at the end) of a show’s regular season or run. Unique to Japan, OVAs don’t get televised outside of promotional purposes and instead are either released in theaters or are published directly to video. Originally released in 1988, Rightstuf has collected ten OVA episodes of Dirty Pair, cleaned them up, and made them available in a three disc set. Just like the previously reviewed Dirty Pair television series, the animation has been digitally restored resulting in a clean, if dated, presentation.

The OVA collection doesn’t stray far from the tone set by the television series. As a pseudo-police force, Kei and Yuri are sent out by the 3WA to apprehend criminals and protect high priority targets from harm. Despite their good intentions and eagerness to get the job done, Kei and Yuri often leave a path of destruction in their wake, earning the ire of their section chief. The Dirty Pair (though they prefer “Lovely Angels”) are called upon to put out several different fires in this set, such as rescue a warden from a prison riot, stop a gang of children from starting a war, help a fellow 3WA agent from a gambling obsession, and track down a dangerous android during a Halloween celebration.

Fans of Dirty Pair will certainly be interested in what the set has to offer and it retains the humor, charm and crazy action of the original television series. Despite the skimpy outfits, the series is suitable for all ages due to the lack of sexual content and extreme violence. The Dirty Pair OVA Series is a fantastic companion set to the television series and those who enjoy the show or vintage Japanese animation will eat it right up.

Dirty Pair OVA Series
Rightstuf, 2012
directed by Masayoshi Tanidabe
250 minutes, Number of Discs: 3, Season set
Company Age Rating: 13
Related to: Dirty Pair by Haruka Takachiho

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    Allen Kesinger is a Reference Librarian at the Newport Beach Public Library in California. He maintains the graphic novel collections at the library, having established an Adult collection to compliment the YA materials. When not reading graphic novels, he fills his time with other nerdy pursuits including video games, Legos and steampunk.

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