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I am happy that I decided to take a risk and buy Andi Watson’s Gum Girl from Book Depository without having previewed it. I love it! So funny! Now I’m just sad I can’t buy it for the library.


I am happy this week to read about a storytelling friend I had years ago who, after graduating and leaving our fair town, became well known as an animator and the creator of the webcomic Lovelace and Babbage. And here’s the story from our local paper!


I’m looking forward to heading to ALA this week.  I’m going to be doing some video interviews with Artist Alley guests, including Faith Erin Hicks, Gene Yang, and Derek Kirk Kim!  An excellent use of my conference time if I do say so myself.


I am also happy about heading to ALA. I’m looking forward to meeting the NFNT staff that will be there (though I’m sad I won’t get to meet you all!). I’m also happy because I just finished Drama, Raina Telgemeier’s upcoming graphic novel. It was terrific! If anyone will be at ALA, I’ll be interviewing Raina on the Graphic Novel Stage in the Exhibit Hall on Monday, June 25th from 10:30 to 11am. Hope to see you there!

I’m also happy, nay THRILLED to have — in my hands right now! — Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, the second book by Ben Hatke. I’m a big fan of book one and I’m totally calling editor privilege to claim this one to review.


I quite enjoyed this X-Men/Picasso mashup by deviantArt user Theamat.



Heroes Con is this weekend! S’gonna be amazing!!!


Our YA collection development person just caught us up with nearly all the popular manga series we were behind on, as well as getting Princeless, an over-looked Friends with Boys, and well, just lots of stuff.  Over 50 titles added in one big order.


My happy this week?  I finally read Watchmen!

*feels much better about herself as a vocal lover of graphical goodness*

Talk about books that make you go, “hmmmmm….”   Actually, I hope I get people to come to my discussion this week who’ll do just that!


My happy is that after years of going into the local game shop, dropping off my card, and suggesting we work together on a “how to play Magic” class or hosting a Pokemon tournament in the library or something, yesterday the owner of the shop came to the library suggesting we team up to do the exact same thing. Naturally I said yes, letting him think it was all his idea. 🙂


I just got my hand’s on Scott & Snow’s new book (A Parents Guide to the Best Kids Comics) and it is awesome!
The lay out is so easy to read and it is organized really well, making it super easy to find just what you are looking for even when you don’t know what that is.

Everyone should have this in their library.  It is exactly what we want to put into parent’s hands when they want help or challenge whether there really are good, quality kids comics out there. Great job guys!

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