I-Date-Dead-PeopleWho can imagine dating a…monster? In the Graphic Universe series, My Boyfriend is a Monster, readers will meet a variety of girls who date just that – monsters! From zombies to vampires to regular old ghosts, readers will love this different spin on love, supernatural style!

In I Date Dead People, readers meet Nora Reilly. She and her family have just moved into a very old Victorian style house in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nora is down to earth and friendly, and thus, has no trouble making new friends…both alive and dead! When she happens upon Tom Barnes, a lonely ghost who can’t seem to leave, Nora is scared out of her wits. She soon finds out from her younger siblings that Tom isn’t the ghost she should be worried about…it’s all the rest of them that are out for revenge.

After a particularly horrific night where all the ghosts who reside in Nora’s new home decide to come out to make everyone’s acquaintance, Nora’s parents finally understand what their kids have been alluding to for weeks. First, they try a reality television ghost hunters series which is unsuccessful. It’s not until they invite some local psychics to their home the following week, that the ghosts show themselves. However, along with all the ghosts comes a horrible black cloud; a cloud that seems to live on unhappiness and anger. Scared for their family, Nora’s parents decide to move everyone out for the time being.

But, Nora can’t let Tom go. Even though her schoolmate Nick, living and breathing Nick, is interested in becoming more than friends, Nora only has eyes for Tom. She continues to visit the house daily after school to spend time with him away from everyone else. She soon realizes, however, that she needs help if she’s ever to return to her home with her family. With the help of a friendly psychic and her local library, Nora develops a plan that will get rid of those ghosts once and for all! But, will that include Tom, and is she ready to lose him and return to the world of the living?

This fun and romantic ghost story would be a perfect late night spooky read for upper elementary and middle school readers. The story is fast paced and exciting; the mystery is intriguing and captivating. The illustrations by Janina Gorrissen, are simple black and white line drawings, but the characters are extremely expressive, and the ghosts are easily distinguishable from the living. The panels are easy to follow, and this graphic novel would be a great read for those new to the genre. Recommend to readers who like their romance with a side of ghost.

My Boyfriend is a Monster #5: I Date Dead People
by Ann Kerns
Art by Janina Gorrissen
ISBN: 9780761360070
Graphic Universe, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: Grades 7-12 (13+)

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