Mine is really simple: I’m going to TCAF!  And I’ll be hanging with Snow, Eva, and many of my favorite comics people.  And I will hopefully score some Tony Cliff artwork…


Finally got a start on Nabari no Ou

I found out that I find watching apathetic bishounen very entertaining.


I’m happy about the new Dark Knight Rises trailer!  How much more excited can I get beyond the gazillion point?

I’m also really happy that the comics panel I was on this past week at the Oregon Library Association conference went well.  Attendees seemed happy with all the info we threw at them, and I heavily promoted NFNT as a wonderful and stupendous selection tool!


This week I’m happy because I just picked up the comics for Free Comic Book Day!  We’ve got several boxes of comics to give away (including a really snazzy looking Mouse Guard! in hardcover) on Saturday.  The weather is forecast to be good, the farmer’s market outside my library will be bustling, and I get to heckle people into coming over to talk about comics.  Yeah!

I’m also excited about the announcement that Hetalia volume 3 will finally be released in English in the US.  That means I can actually respond positively to the request slips I get for it, instead of informing my patrons that it was never gonna happen.


I’ve got entirely too many happys right now.  I’m running around trying to get everything together for our Avengers Midnight Movie ourtreach (buttons! trivia! costume contest! free comics!) and for Free Comic Book Day, which just happens to also fall on the day that my newly renovated branch reopens after a year closure!  A picture of my new *glassed in* teen room is attached.  See my beautiful graphic novel shelves?


So despite my general loathing I have for the DCU New 52, I was really happy with two of it’s new “Second Wave” titles. “Worlds Finest” was a real treat and while I’m getting a slow start vibe from “Earth-2” it has a lot of potential. Also “Dial H” was probably good, but a little too dark and disjointed for me to really get into or want to follow.


My happy is: AVENGERS.

So good. Too good. I need Marvel/Disney to give Whedon all of the money. And I can only guess what being an in-demand director will do for Whedon’s other projects….so happy!

And Korra – astounding! I’d make it my weekly happy if we were allowed to have standing orders.


My happy for the week is the appearance of “real life” supervillain Rex Velvet. As much as I enjoy superhero fiction I really can’t bring myself to take folks like Phoenix Jones seriously, so it’s nice to see someone playing with the absurdity of such costumed vigilantes.


My happy this week (actually from last week) is that I finally read Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  *embarrassed sigh*  At last, I can cross it off my shameful-graphic-novel-reading-gaps list!  Considering I haven’t read any other Batman books ever (!), I was surprised and pleased to find that my minimal movie / cartoon background on the caped crusader was sufficient context for understanding and enjoying this one.  I have read Miller’s Wolvie contributions, so I found the older, wiser, more grizzled incarnation of Batman cozily familiar and his (and others’) age-related physical and emotional vulnerabilities a nice added layer of substance that gives you lots to think about.  And for whatever reason, I really loved the full-page images of Batman charging in on a horse.  So weird, and yet so right.

Jennifer H.

My happy is that Friday is Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You! –We are celebrating at the library on Saturday with a Revenge of the Fifth event. Since it is also Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, our local comic book shop, Famous Faces and Funnies of West Melbourne, FL is giving away ten free comics per person and we will get to see some great artists AND Storm Troopers from the 501st Legion. Bleeding Cool Comics has a link to all the cool stuff our local store is doing not just for Free Comic Book Day, but also Free Comic Book May!


I’m excited because my library finally planned our graphic novel program with the school for the spring.  Four artists will be coming here to talk about their work with the 7th graders from the local school.  It will probably be more fun for me than anyone else.


What is making me happy this week is finishing the final proofs on my book (which does talk a little about graphic novels and manga as they relate to contemporary legends) and getting ready to talk about superheroes as a guest lecturer on Monday.

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